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Project | 01

My team received lots of Android translation projects since 2019. Most of the projects were guideline / help content docs and aimed for app develepers to built, manage, troubleshoot their apps. The difficulty level of Android translation projects were considered high, as they required good understanding of app, coding, and developer-related technical terms. This is daiy-basis project.

Project | 02
Google Assistant

We handled many Google Assistant translation project since 2019. Assistant project is quite unique than the regular translation as we localize interaction between user and Assistant, including user queries to Assistant and Assistant's answers, in the most natural way as what local user usually do. This project requires creativity, as we need to provide variations of word choices, so that one user query is different from other query. This is daiy-basis project.

Project | 03
My team have involved in Microsoft translation and localization projects, from UI, User Assistant, Marketing. and Legal. Some of the product lines including Skype, Office, Outlook, OneDrive, etc. This is daiy-basis project.
Project | 03
Google Play

Another Google product that we have involved in is Google Play. Most completed projects were marketing and help content. 

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